About me

Hi, I’m Marta. A careful observer, hopeless aesthete, home enthusiast, Japanist, graphic designer and professional marketer & PR person. Polish by birth, Japanese by heart, cosmopolitan by mind. Mum to a lovely little Pola and two exceptional sausage dogs Maya and Molly (tigers at heart).

I’m tracking and tracing contemporary Japonism in art and design of the world. I am fascinated by how easily, without the help of obvious symbols, we can intuitively sense Japanese influences in design or fashion. How much Japaneseness - at the level of professed values, the way of creating and perceiving things and interiors - has in common with the art and design of the "West", especially the Scandinavian countries.

I split modernism into prime factors. I design interiors and search for vintage gems. I am passionate about improving the quality of life through mastering the spaces where we reside and live. I have founded nito nito to share with the world my appreciation for timeless design and exceptional objects, for which Japanese aesthetics has become a source of inspiration and Japanese values remain common denominators.

About nito nito

The site is a unique collection of projects, objects, people and design ideas sourced from around the world. I’ve created it for the ones who share my passion for interiors that reflect the souls of their owners. For the ones that select not buy and understand the value of an authentic design. For the ones that care about the quality of things and recognize perfection not only in new but also in the imperfect. Finally, for the ones that appreciate the past and can see the beauty in the old.

nito nito’s brand namesake derives from a japanese word "nito" meaning two rabbits. The word’s repetition is intended to symbolise Japanese aesthetics, whether recreated or reinterpreted. It is also a reference to the popular Japanese motif of a rabbit looking at the moon. In Polish, "ni to ni to" means "something in between", "neither this nor that". The essence of my passion, my love for eclecticism and my fascination with the flowing world.


You need help in mastering your place? Can’t find a nice vintage piece of furniture or don’t know how to mix the old with the new? Or maybe you’d simply like to share your thoughts and opinions with me? Drop me a line on nito@nitonito.pl or connect on Instagram.