Exclamation colour

Behaves like a diva whether is in numerous company or performing solo. It is the one that will catch the eye first, even if it only appears as a minor accent. Cobalt. Ultramarine. Royal blue. Electric blue. Dazzling blue. Yves Klein blue. Exclamation colours. Each slightly different, but all equally 'loud'. Clarity and enlightenment. For confident ones who want to express themselves clearly.

A story of a decanter stopper

Objects (right after people and animals) have always held an important place in my life. The ones my parents had the greatest affection for mutely accompanied my becoming an adult from behind the glass showcase in the living room. I would open it to touch them, look at them, smell them and then put them away. I still remember myself - a child with a rather low self-esteem - with a large cobalt glass cork from a beautiful glass decanter. I loved looking at the surrounding reality through it. It fascinated and irritated me at the same time with its coarse self-confidence. For many years I hated cobalt, it seemed to me blatantly artificial, detached from reality, pretentious. Until, as time passed and I built up an awareness of who I was, it began to fascinate and attract me anew. Today, I can safely say that you have to grow into cobalt like mustard. You have to be ready for it internally.

Strange attraction

In my search for the origin and DNA of the colour blue, I once again turned to my favourite book, i.e. 'The Secret Lives of Colour' by Kassia St Clair. And whether I was reading about ultramarine, cobalt or electric blue, each story had elements of a siren song, strange attraction and played with extremes of emotion - from human barbarism to the beauty of the light coming out of the just-destroyed Chernobyl nuclear reactor. This is the face of the colour blue. Electrifying, disturbing, fascinating, strangely attractive.

Practical exercises

Blue in interiors is, believe it or not, is a friendly partner to work with. It can be a tiresome colour, that's true, so I would recommend to take advantage of its ability to shine in a crowd and use it for accents. But be sure to do it in a bit unconventional way. Blue will, of course, be pleased with accessories in the form of vases, textiles or art. But in order to shine its full blue colour, it needs non-obvious media: a window frame, a tap, a recess in the wall, a balustrade, stairs, a decorative ceiling, floor or furniture. No matter what you combine it with, it will always look good. Red, green, yellow or pink, with which it looks best, will only accentuate it. Nothing will cover up the ultramarine, but neither will the ultramarine spoil anything. Instead, it will add a unique character to any interior (and outfit!). Today, a handful of inspirations about bold ultra blue, which warmly recommend itself for interiors and year-round outfits.

Model Ajak Deng in a hypnotizing campaign for ‘Estrela Cadente’ photographed by Jamie Nelson for Vogue Portugal. Via Anne of Carversville.