My Japan

Understanding myself

At first I've felt it subcutaneously. In the darkness, in the old church, in the smell of old wood in the mangle, in the rain, in the patina on the brass tray, in the shadow of leaves dancing on the wall on a summer afternoon, in men's perfume, in the changes of seasons. Then I discovered that what moves me so much, what is not necessarily mainstream, a little declining, unfinished, asymmetrical, a little sad, but also bringing some strange peace and joy, someone somewhere had once categorised and named. Eventually I discovered that I didn't have to wait for coincidence and I learned to use it consciously, creating spaces first for myself and then for the others. Aesthetics.

Aesthetics, Japanese aesthetics

I am fascinated by how easily, without the help of obvious symbols, we can intuitively sense Japanese influences in design or fashion. How much Japaneseness - at the level of professed values, the way of creating and perceiving things and interiors - has in common with the art and design of the "West", especially the Scandinavian countries. And last but not least, the way non-Japanese artists gracefully incorporate elements of Japanese aesthetics into their works and lives, creating little Japans around them. And how some Japanese cultivate their tradition abroad, arousing the admiration of connoisseurs of the subject. All this - but not only, because interiors are a book-size topic - is my passion and the subject of my daily search. In design, interior design, fashion, in life. And it is primarily, but not only, what I share on nito nito.

nito nito?

nito nito’s brand namesake derives from a japanese word “nito” meaning two rabbits. The word’s repetition is intended to symbolise Japanese aesthetics, whether recreated or reinterpreted. It is also a reference to some personal history of mine, but also to the popular Japanese motif of a rabbit looking at the moon. In Polish, "ni to ni to" means "something in between", "neither this nor that". The essence of my passion, my love for eclecticism and my fascination with the flowing world.

Girl sitting on desk looking at window
My humble self in bedroom, sitting on a danish vintage teak desk, where I work every day.